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. >>> explosive new relations and the toyota investigation. the associated press is reporting five days before toyota announced a massive recall, the u.s. toyota executives wrote an internal email, "we need to come clean about accelerator pedal problems and the time to hide on this is over." accusations have been made to the effect we avenue about the accelerator pedal problems months before issuing the recall. >>> the fbi has arrested a california man for making threatening phone calls to house speaker nancy pelosi. the fbi said the man made calls to her home in california and washington and he knew her home address. >>> president obama is flying to prague to sign a strategic arms reduction agreement with his russian counterpart, dmitri megadeath. it requires the cold war rivals to cut their nuclear arsenals by nearly one-third. the president said the u.s. will use conventional, not nuclear weapons, against non-nuclear states, even in the event of a chemical or biological attack. next week, mr. obama boasts dozens of world leaders in washington for a nuclear security summit. >>> to radical cl
average and about 5 minutes to get through. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. >> let's go out there to ron in the park. how are you? >> good morning, everybody. could not be a better morning. we're live in druitt park as we're getting ready for sunday's march for the animals sponsored by the spca. this is where 5,000 of your friends will be here on sunday. maryland spca. what's it going to be like? >> marty says the weather will be good so we're excited about that. it's the biggest event of the year for us. big fund raiser. it's a lot of fun and we encourage people to come out on sunday. >> it's a 1.5 mile walk. correct? >> yes, around the reservoir. it's very leisurely. vendors and games and contests. it's a lot of fun. >> we wanted to mention, besides the walk there's a lot of things going on. >> we have an ajiblt agility contest. costume contest so there's something for everybody. >> i love this. they are having a fleeless market. tell
story, safety tests now being ordered on every suv that is made by toyota. >>> the automaker insisting it wants to put customers at ease after being forced to halt sales of their high-end lexus. consumers reports warned the readers not to buy it after there was potential rollover risks. >> we are tracking the story this morning. you brought us earlier in the week, when we last left, toyota hadn't weighed in. >> toyota has learned a tough p.r. lesson. auto giant moving quickly after the highly respected nonprofit group, consumer reports, warned their readers not to buy the gs-460. a potential stability problem with the $52000 suv. the vehicle's rear end repeatedly slides out in tight turns posing a risk for rollovers when exiting a highway. toyota is ordering tests on all of their suvs to determine potential problems. the company denying published reports in japan that it is recalling the 2010 gx-460. if you do own one and you are nervous about driving it, toyota is offering a free loaner car until the problem is fixed and identified. the big problem is that the company says, quote, the
into what caused the blast are under way. >> we have some news of an important decision by toyota. the company says it will stop selling alexis suv because of rollover concerns. "consumer reports" issued a rare label not to buy the vehicle for the 2010 lexus gx 460. the magazine says it has handling problems that could cause it to roll over during sharp turns. toyota will conduct its own testing and is alerting current owners about the problem. >> coming up, the first lady's first solo trip includes a special stop in haiti. >> and a common mistake that could delay it millions of tax returns. >> first, another warm up is on the way. we will have some sunshine possibly today. brian van de graaff will tell you. traffic and captioned by the national captioning institute >> we have a soggy start to the day, especially west of 95 spirit up and down to 70, 66, 70. if and east of interstate 81 corridor. once the skies cleared last night, it turned into a fog. the sky is done in a lot brighter as the sun is getting ready to rise. not very foggy in alexandria. there is a
into the explosion. >> we have some news of an important decision by toyota. it says it will stop selling a lexus suv because of rollover concerns. consumer reports issued "don't buy" label for the 2010 gx460. toyota says it will conduct its own tests and is alerting current owners about the potential problem. >> the first lady's first solo trip had a special stop in haiti. we will have the latest. >> also, a desperate plea for would-be parents after the international adoption controversy. >> temperatures are all the way back up. it's 5:00 07. -- >> good morning. adam caskey, live in alexandria at founders park. it's a little foggy, but there's not that much at this location. elsewhere it is pretty foggy. a good look at to the sunrise in about an hour-and-a-half. it's 48 degrees in alexandria. some chilly numbers out there. out west and a north, winchester is 39 degrees. frederik, 39. ashburn is 40. in the district we are checking in at 44. it is a cool start to the day. dense fog advisory west of 95 until 10:00. otherwise a lot of sunshine today. mid 60's. seven day tomorrow -- 70 tomorrow. >> lov
to get to some business news this morning, some new troubles for toyota, it looks like, state farm is asking the auto maketory repay them for claims it paid for the crashes related to the acceleration problems. you can imagine if other insurance companies follow suit, it could end up costing toyota a bundle. let's get to jenna lee, she's got more. >> reporter: this is happening more frequently than we thought. i got off the phone with state farm insurance, they cleared up this report in usa today which basically says there have been accidents involving the toyota with a state farm customer, and what happens is now that state farm already paid to cover that accident they're going back to toyota and saying this isn't the fault of the driver, you guys owe us money because it wasn't the driver's fault, it was a problem with your car and this massive recall that's going on, so state farm insurance says yeah, that's true, we're looking into toyota but that's happened with multiple insurance companies, with multiple different auto companies as well. there's constantly the back and forth b
magazine warned its readers not to buy the lexus 2010 gx 460. that's because of rollover dangers. toyota owns the lexus brand and the lexus gx 460 owners can get a loaner car while the company figures out the problem. the national highway transportation safety administration will also conduct tests on that vehicle. >>> today thousands of people are using tax day to show their frustration with the government. they are headed to washington for a series of protests and rallies. live look now at the washington monument where one of those demonstrations is scheduled to take place later this morning. news4's tracie potts reports. >> reporter: amid today's last-minimum tax rush the irs admits it's already overpaid almost 30 million in refunds over new tax credits. >> the tax man cometh. next few years, will he be coming with a vengeance. >> reporter: taxes are lower this year but experts say expect them to go up as the government trace to cover massive deficits. president president obama is trying to get wall street to do their part. >> expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour i
to a lower court to determine whether that move was legal. first, it was sudden acceleration. now toyota is having the exact opposite problem with some of its vehicles. the japanese automaker recalling 50,000 of them due town expected slowing. the recall effects 2003 year model toyota sequoias. the company reports the problem involved the suv's electronic stability control system which maintains traction during turning. toyota claims the system can kick in at low speeds thus preventing the driver from accelerating as quickly as he or she might like it. fixed the problem midway through the model year and it's already repaired about half of the affected vehicles. toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles all totaled worldwide since just last fall. pope benedict the xvith may apologize for the church's handling of sexual abuse cases. that's what the cardinal in charge of those cases is now reporting. he tells the public broadcasting service that the pope may offer the apology when priests from around the world visit the vatican in june. some the victims claim the pope didn't do nearl
are betting most companies will post gains. we've already heard from toyota at new york's auto show on wednesday, a top toyota executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon is bracing for the ipad. the online retailer has struck new e-book pricing deals with two major publishers just days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer. that's expected to take business away from amazon's kindle. the agreements will allow both publishers to set their own prices. apple has already made similar deals. >>> the home buyer tax credit which expires at the end of april sparked a huge rush in mortgage applications last week and industry reports says home loan applications rose nearly 7%. that's the largest number of applications since october 2009. >>> and this is census day. the government hopes you'll return the forms sent out over the past month or so, but be sure to be careful, there are scam artists sending out phony forms to try to steal your personal information. the official paperwork will never ask for your social security number, bank account information,
the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the next couple of days, you'll read about how well montreal played in this series, and they did, and how great their goalie was. make no mistake, the capitals were the more talented team and let the 3-1 series lead get away, and it all and it tonight and a loss. this is all on washington. it downtown, in the first, no score, brooks laich muezzin, misses. halak in the zone. 41 saves. montreal on the power play, scott gomez, the slapper, 1-0 habs. in the third, the capitals, alex ovechkin, a good look, scores. hold on,hgoalie -- hold on, goalie interference. dominant more, bingo. two-zero canadiens. ovechkin sheets, misses, brooks laich jams in. there was a chance. in the final seconds, one must move by ovechkin, stripped, game, set, match. tee time here we come. the capitals were stunned. >> it feels like getting punched in the head. >> honestly, i don't know what to say. >> i would have bet my house they would not have be
shop, only at giant. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the nationals are 0-2. while it is not surprising, it is frustrating. the phillies have scored 18 runs in their first two outings. washington with some firepower. how'd you do, cole hammels? deep center field, get out of here, 402 feet. but the nationals's starting pitchers, not holding up. the fastball, rye and howard, get a new baseball. six-three fillies. the nationals lose tonight at the ballpark, 8-4. >>> tampa, orioles-devil rays, better ball game. the long ball, deep into the night. monster home run, solo shot, 4-2 tampa bay. they beat the orioles, 4-3. >>> the wizards were blasted by the magic, pulling orlando within half a game of the l.a. lakers for home field advantage in case of an nba finals rematch. shaun livingston, the plight of the night. baseline, watch this. could turn, cut off. it throws it over his head, the prayer, answered. dwight howard, all-star contest. he could have had half a hundred. the magic man handled the wizards. >>> golf fans, tiger
force base instead. >>> coming up on news4 at 11:00, toyota recalls more than 500,000 siennas. just a couple of years after it was chosen by "consumer reports" as the best minivan. >>> there are new reports eric massa wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff one day after resigning. >>> boaters, beware. lindsay, what's in sports? >> capitals coach bruce boudreau says his team learned a big lesson. they'll try not to repeat it tomorrow. stephen strausburg will have to wait for his second minor league start. >>> toyota announced the recall of more than 500,000 sienna minivans today. that includes minivans driven in d.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia. salt on the roads during winter months could corrode the spare tire's carrier cable and that could cause the wheel to become loose. it was rated the best minivan by "consumer reports" in 2007. >>> a previously convicted sex offender pleaded guilty today in the murder of two teenagers in the san diego area the plea allowed 31-year-old john gardner to avoid the death penalty. he is accused of raping and killing 17-year-old chelse
it intends to bring them to trial. >>> automaker toyota is in damage control mode yet again. it comes after an internal toyota e-mail surfaced raising new questions about whether toyota hid safety problems. cnbc's phil lebeau covers the auto industry for us. what else was in this memo or e-mail? >> reporter: it's short e-mail. we have a copy here. the most damaging language from irv miller who retired from the company shortly after the recall notices went out, but the most damaging comments, essentially, he says, we can no longer hide what's going on here. we need to come clean about the fact that there is a problem with our gas pedals. they are defective and they want to work out a solution with nhtsa, the national highway traffic safety administration. more than anything what this e-mail does is it undercuts the message that toyota has been putting out to the american public since early january which is, we understand that there are concerns about what's happening with our vehicles. we are moving as quickly as possible to address the situation. tamron, this e-mail was sent on january 16th
also order a cocktail if you get a little nervous. a fresh p.r. nightmare for toyota as new questions surface about its handling of those mechanical problems. now an email has come to light showing toyota knew there were issues days before the company made the information public. they are covering this. i guess you have seen them. what do you say? >> i have a copy of them. we'll show them to you now. the guy month wrote this is a guy named irv miller. a 30-year veteran of the company who was just days away, 15 days away from retirement when on january 16 he wrote to a japanese counterpart, i hate to break this to you but we have a tendency for certain manufacturer on certain models. we are not protect our customers by keeping this quiet. the time to hide on this one is over. this is one of some 7,000 toyota document turned over to the government. it seems likely other embarrassing memos will be emerging. by law, megyn, toyota was required to bring the forms to the government within five days of realizing there was a problem. they notified the european dealers. megyn: that's the kind o
save money by combining operations. >>> just five days before toyota's historic recall, an executive warned colleagues they needed to come clean about acceleration problems. e-mail from that executive revealed strong concerns that toyota officials were not properly addressing safety problems. toyota has declined to comment. the automaker has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> well, here is a look at the thursday forecast. there will be rain along the coast in the pacific northwest and snow in the mountains of montana and idaho. showers and thunderstorms are possible from the gulf coast to the northeast. >> the east coast will see another warm day before a big cool-off by tomorrow. the midwest will be a little cooler than usual with minneapolis and fargo in the 50 southwest is sunny and seasonable with phoenix and l.a. in the 80s. >>> the french spider-man is back doing what he does best. climbing tall buildings and being arrested. elaine robert returned to his home in paris where he scaled a 607-foot office building. police were of course waiting for him at the top
's the beef. what's in it. what a new report says you could be eating. >>> another big blow for toyota. why the company is telling customers to stop buying one of its best sellers. >>> a miracle in the florida every glades. a girl missing for days is found in a florida swamp. the divine intervention thatmayr discovery. >>> a new investigation into the coal mine explosion in west virginia. >>> another gut punch tonight for toyota. its upscale lexus suv got hit with a safety writing so bad consumers are being told not to buy it. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a don't buy rating. the group saves the vehicle's electronic traction control doesn't react fast enough and cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years the group has issued such a warning. >> when the vehicle the gx 460 is push to its limits the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this is to happen in a real world situation it could lead to a roll over. >> lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests but did not find that problem. it
. >>> making headlines in the 7:00 hour now, toyota says nears are working -- engineers are working to correct the stability problems on the lexus gx 460. the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on this truck. detroit immediately stopped selling the models in the u.s. and has not decided if it will conduct a recall yet. toyota said it does plan on testing the safety of all of the sport utility models again. >>> today president obama is expected to announce details of his long-term plans for nasa. instead of flying new rockets to the moon, the president wants to rely on private companies to fly into space over the next few years while developing a big new government rocket. it includes greater investment in innovation and more missions of. but several former astronauts, including neil armstrong do not approve. buzz aldrin, however, does approve of the president's new plan. >>> signs this morning of another big story in washington. they are getting ready for a big party down at freedom plaza. a tea party with a strong message for the government on this tax day. the nation's cap
people killed, their deaths linked to toyota's acceleration problems. if that doesn't outrage you enough, wait until you hear who knew what and when. some new incredible information coming out of the washington hearing. >>> plus do you stay home from work when you're sick or bring your germs to the office? like it or not, playing hurt is the thing to do these days. jenna has more on why. jon: bottom of the hours, time for a check of the top stories, "-- happening now, dangerous gases force crew necessary west virginia to abandon the search for the four missing coal miners, the crews got within 1000 feet of the rescue chamber where they might be before they had to turn around. >>> middle box, president obama getting ready to host a dinner with 11 central and eastern european leaders, just hours after the president and his russian counterpart signed a new arms control treaty. >>> bottom box, antigovernment protestors in thailand plan a massive street rally tomorrow in defiance of a state of emergency there, the red shirts, as the po testers are known, have been trying to force the prime mi
is looking forward to getting back in the air. well, four the latest toyota trouble. the car maker says it's testing all of its suvs, all of them. after "consumer reports" rated one lexus model don't buy. toyota owns lexus. it's already stopped selling the 2010 gx 460. and it reports it's debating whether to recall it. "consumer reports" indicate the test drive of the suv found a problem with stability control that could cause a rollover. toyota reports it's trying to duplicate those tests to figure out what went wrong. still a few hours left to file your taxes. all this week we have been showing you how the government spends your money. tonight, a look at how it may be able to save you some cash. and it's your chance to vote in our online poll. should the mom who sent her 7-year-old son -- adoptive son back to russia face charges? go to tell us what you think. the results later in this newscast. anwr al >> shepard: feds are calling it largest immigrant smuggling raid in this nation. hundreds of agents hitting the streets in four different towns in arizona. immigration of
of is toyota. that's the car making headlines. there are other recalls out there. linda smith tried to shop smart for her teenager daughter so when the car broke down she got mad. turns out the broken part was a subjects of a recall issued before she bought the car. she took the car to the local dealer who made the $1,000 fix all for free. >> it was hugely important because i would have probably taken it to a local garage to have it fixed and paid for it. >> carfax vehicle history report company says last year 1.4 million cars recalled but not repaired changed hands. now they offer consumers a free recall check on the website. if you are buying a used car it is a good idea to check it out first. it doesn't cost you any extra. >>> government watchdog group released annual pig report. it outlines projects lawmakers put into the budget to benefit constituents at home. spending on earmarks is down 15% from last year. since 2006 earmarks are down 40%. >> everything else in washington is going up quite rapidly, congress has managed to reduce the number and cost of earmarks. >> some of the largest
. >>> our time now 6:53. consumer alert for you. toyota recalling 50,000 sequoia suvs built from 2003. they're trying to fix an unexpected slowing of the vehicle. the problem is with the vehicle's electronic stability control. owners will receive a software upgrade to fix the stability control. >>> six minutes away from 7:00 right now. little research pays off in a big way for one baltimore woman. patricia vicari found $5700 in the state comptroller's vault. >> we try to go out to people with newspaper ads, other items, we try to go to county fairs and we make a big push not to hide this stuff, but get it out there so people can locate it. >> more money than i ever won in the lottery. i appreciate it. >> to find out how you can get unclaimed property, log onto our website, look for the link to the state comptroller's office. >>> orioles lost 8-3. the only thing you say after that is we play again tonight. brian mattis will be on the hill for the orioles and chris tillman threw a no-hitter for norfolk last night. >>> police carry weapons and a badge, but many local police also
de una pausa a la vuelta según algunos empleados la toyota cayó por años los desespeperfectos de sus automóv la recuperación económica del país podría extenderse hasta el año próximo volvemos. . >>> hoy es conoció que decdraek directivos conocían los problemas de sus vie aquels y lo callaron empleados revelaron que sabían del problema y un indicó haber escrito una carta a sus jefes sin recibir respuesta la recuperación de la economía continúa lenta y se extenderá hasta el próximo arn las tres cuartas partes de economistas dicen que por esto la reserva federal deberá mantener hasta el final de este mes los intereses bancarios cerca a 0. indicó que hab diferencias entre los continentes en lo que es refiere a la recuperación. miles de prisioneros amotinados en cárceles salvadoreñas sus quejas múltiples el mayor de ellos tiene que ver con el hacinamiento el gobierno ha reaccionado con cautela veamos... . >>> casi so mil presidía ríos amotinados en los penales para exigir mejoras en las condiciones y el trato que reciben, aquí habemos gente que pagas lo que no deb
about toyota's troubles. but what happens with the millions of other cars made by other companies that have been recalled but never repaired? could you be driving one of them and not even know it? we'll tell you how to find out. >> lexus being recalled, as well. >>> we're going to start with the video causing outrage this morning. it appears to show riot police in maryland, wailing on a student, who is doing nothing more than celebrating a basketball victory. that has the fbi's attention. and pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: march 3rd, near the university of maryland's campus, after a big basketball win over duke. students break out in the streets to celebrate, with some getting rowdy, pulling down signs, as one of them takes this video. watch what happens when this student, who at first is doing a silly dance, apparently gets too close to this mounted officer. police pounce, slamming the student against the wall. you can hear the sound of the batons hitting, as the police deliver blow after blow, on 21-year-old john mckenna. justifiable force? or was this excessive? an unprov
was fuelled by huge incentives from toyota in an effort to overcome gas pedal problems. that spurred a price war with gm. ford also saw big business but it credits increased demand for the fusion and taurus cars. one analysts says ice a sign that the economy is on the rod to recovery. >> what we're seeing is we're seeing a turn in the auto industry that is sustainable. >> not all american auditoriums fared so well. >>> maryland has reported its 45th death from swine flu. state health officials say a man from the baltimore area died within the past week. a recent spike in severe cases in the southeast have many experts warning that the h1n1 virus is not gone. there's still time for you to get vaccinated. >> reporter: despite sounds of spring, for many doctors this means the waiting room is filling up with allergy patients. but there's another reason people are heang to the doctor. >> it takes you off guard to see flu in the 70 degree weather. >> reporter: this doctor is a family physician in charlotte, north carolina one of the most allergy cities in southeast. but there's a spike in h1n1 cas
headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. more problems for toyota and possible headaches for its mini van owners. the car maker is preparing for a voluntary recall of 870,000 mini vans in the u.s. and canada. a spare tire may come loose and fall on to the road, creating a hazard for other drivers. it applies to mini vans sold between 1998 and 2010. in the past few months toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide. >>> the crew of the space shuttle "discovery" pack their bags and head home to earth but not before exchanging goodbye hugs and handshakes with their counter parts. "discovery" docked from the international space station this morning. they are set to land monday morning in weather permits. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >>> this crisis could have been avoided if wall street firms were more accountable, if financial dealings were more transparent and if consumers and share holders were given more information and authority to make decisions but that didn't happen. and that is because special interests have waged a relentless campaign thwart even b
's forecast looks better. >>> toyota is announcing another recall, it is a 2010 lexus gx460, which "consumer reports" said could roll over when you make a high speed turn. toyota insists the luxury suv is still save as long as you take the turn slowly. a software update will fix the problem. for more information about g to >>> arizona has just passed one of the toughest immigration bills in the country. it still needs the governor's signature but it would basically require officers to check the documents of anyone that they suspect might be in the u.s. illegally. correspondent richard lui, the critics say that this is legal racial profiling. >> what they do is believe these critics do, it leaves it up to the officers to basically make the determination if one looks like they're an an illegal citizen. alejandra gomez is afraid all latinos will be a target of police harassment if the government signs this bill into law >> right now the way things are being targeted is that all latinos are undocumented and that's absolutely not true. i'm a citizen and i'm if i'm pulle
, new york city mayor michael bloomberg on the set of "morning joe." >>> and toyota accepts responsibility for the accelerator problems. plus, sports. we are going to be right back on "morning joe." [ whistling ] [ dog barking ] [ sniffing ] [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of bifocals for $149.99 at sears optical, with progressive lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. >>> all right. a live shot from the top of the rock. looks like a nice day in new york. >> he is doing the same -- i've always been a frank ridge fan. no secret to my conservative brethren, but over the last year or two, there are times when he's extraordinarily insightful and there are times when he reads like a left-wing blogger. going back to see what the richmond post dispatch said in 1863 or whatever he did, it was -- it was just sort of m
. tomorrow -- five weeks. tomorrow will see the key march employment numbers come out, and toyota sales are booming in japan, up 50% last month. ford sales in china and local partners there, they jumped about 84% in the first quarter. let's get to eric bolling from fbn. what's going on here? >> well, initial claims which is the weekly number, they dropped 6,000 so that means 6,000 fewer people than the last week applied for unemployment insurance. that's the good news. a little bit more good news, tomorrow it looks like most analysts and most economists expect jobs to be created for the month of march. that's only the second time a month had job creation and last time was a year ago march, 64,000 jobs were created, and we've seen just month after month of job losses. so tomorrow the expectation is anywhere between 175,000 jobs created and 200,000 jobs created. the other piece of good news. now a little bit of the bad news, a lot of that job creation tomorrow ising with attributed -- being attributed to two major factors. number one, the census. the census has hired hundreds and hundreds
out, please turn out the lights. toyota is closing the only auto assembly plant in california. the plant was a joint venture between general motors and toyota. gm announced last year it is withdrawing from the partnership. the closure leaves 4700 workers out of work. toyota's california plant relied on a state-wide network of suppliers. many of their workers also facing a new existence today. one of those suppliers is injex, award winning plastics company. >> right now i am putting together the termination packets for non-union employees. i put my label on my own termination packet. i think among the employees that have been here for years and years, and this has been the only job some of them have ever had. so them not working now, how are they going to support their families. >> general motors has just released its sales figures for march. they're up by 21% over the same month a year ago. the carmaker credits a strong demand for redesigned vehicles. it is also likely attractive incentives lure buyers back to the showrooms. >>> we know scott roader is going to pri or but for
. >>> more trouble for toyota. its lexus gs 460 was given a rare don't buy warning from consumer reports. the magazine says routine tests show the suv could roll over in real world driving situations. toyota is investigating. >>> tens of thousands lined the streets of warsaw as the body of president kaczynski's wife arrived home. her coffin was taken from the airport to the presidential palace this morning writ lies in state alongside her husband's for public viewing. jim maceda live in warsaw with more. jim, sounds like the mourning continues through the weekend where they have memorials set, state funerals, et cetera. >> reporter: that's right. i'm having a hard time hearing you, monica. the he motion we could talk about, we've been here three days, the sense of shock, trauma has not let up, even though the presidential couple are laying in state in death as they were together in life. a nation that lost so much, so quickly, the president, first lady, chiefs of staff, major leaders and various aspects of government, including intelligence agency. i can go down an extraordinary list of
? the tea party express in full scene with rallies across the country. >> toyota not taking any chances this time. the automaker testing all its s. u.v.'s for safety after "consumer reports" warns drivers not to buy a popular lexus model. can it keep the roads safe? brian? >> good job, toyota. little by little, we'll get this down. pressing for sanctions against iran and securing loose nukes across the globe. is it up to us? according to the president -- >> whether we like it or not, we remain
traffic controllers were negligent. >>> in morning we have another car recall. involves 50,000 toyota see could i ya. it could prevent the suv from accelerating as quickly as the driver might expect. toyota will upgrade the software to fix the problem. no accidents or injuries are connected with this issue. >>> tiger woods tees off in the quail hollow championship in north carolina. it's the second tournament since the sex scandal and first time he'll play outside of the sheltered confines of the masters. still, he says he's happy to be playing golf again. >> when i had a lot of struggles internally for a while now, and that's one of the reasons why it wasn't that much fun. the game is now where it used to be. that's where it should be. it should be fun. >> tiger tees off at 7:40 this morning. he's committed to playing in the u.s. open in june. >>> 4:51. time for traffic and weather on the ones. >> what kind of day will we have? >> the thermometer will get whiplash. we'll hit the 70s this afternoon. a dramatic warm-up by mid to late morning. there's a live view from the city camera and th
is wheeling and dealing. toyota is dishing out some sweet savings to get customers back into the showroom. how sweet, you say? how about knocking thousands of dollars off the sticker price? and the video is incredible. there was a shooting on a chicago corner. the cops showed up. a video journalist showed up, and minutes later another shooting. the whole thing caught on tape, and you will see it next. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptom
of his shots hit the robert. struggle ensued. then both suspects fled into a red toyota camry. -- one of his shots hit the robber. >> i have always been a fighter. i don't give up easy. >> he has already had two strokes and heart attack and these closing up shop for good. he says this is it. >> in downtown washington, terrifying moments caught on tape. a massive event broke off from an office building and spread to the ground and then landed on several parked cars in an alley behind connecticut avenue near n st.. a witness reported the incident with a video camera. no one was injured. >>> authorities do not appear to be in a hurry to prosecuted nearly 30 university of maryland students arrested during a post basketball game riot last month. prince george's county police have not released the names of those arrested. their lawyers said police knew their names -- gave their names to the university and other citations do not exist in the court system records. several police officers are under investigation for being a student during the riots. >> we have disappointing news from the nati
numbers today. analysts betting most companies will post gains. we heard from toyota at new york's auto show. a top executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon bracing for the ipad. the retailers struck new e book pricing deals with two major publish is days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer expected to take business away from kindle. dema apple already made similar deals. home buyer tax credit expires at the end of april sparked a rush in mortgage applications last week. industry reports says home loan applications rose 7%. largest number of applications since october 2009. and this is census day the government hopes you will return the forms. there are scam artists sending out fony forms to try to steal your personal information. the paper work will never ask for your social security number, bank account information or signature. if you think you are scammed contact your bank credit bureaus and local authorities. everybody could be a scam. you have to be careful. >>> just ahead on the morning news f
and will not be charged. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >>> an internal e-mail from a top toyota executive iraising new questions about the company's handling of those safety problems. in the e-mail obtained by the associated press the executive tells company officials, "we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet." he also stated "the time to hide this one is over," and "we need to come clean." toyota ended up recalling more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> they're picking up the pieces in parts of the south after severe weather tore through there. the storm hit particularly hard in anderson county, south carolina, where 15 homes were damaged and dozens of trees came do. at leastne tornado with winds of 125 miles an hour touched down in the area. about 3,000 homes lost power but there were no serious injuries. >>> here is a look at the friday forecast. the day will start off wet from north carolina to new york. that rain will linger through the afternoon in new england. it will also be rainy in southern florida and south texas. seattle could also see a few showers. >> much cooler
. >>> and toyota recalls leading to more trouble. at 8:00 this morning the federal government slapping the company with a new record penalty. that is coming up in a few minutes. >>> and an update on the situation in haiti. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is back today from a trip to the earthquake ravaged region and she'll join us live as well. stay with us. 7:39. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ [ wind howling ] [ male announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] [ male announcer ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you're looking for to live a more natural life, in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with 100% natural ingredients. nature
safety. >> reporter: and police are asking the commune toyota be saint as the -- patient as the investigation goes along. they have to work with state's attorneys office and the fbi to get to the bottom of this. as we get further into the investigation it's likely we'll learn the names of all of those involved that night. live in palmer park, maryland, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >>> now to a wrongful conviction. in january donald gates was exonerated after spending more than 28 years in prison. his conviction for murder was based on faulty evidence by an fbi analyst. now the d.c. public defender service wants a investigation into the lab. a partial review was done in march and so far they have found 20 investigations and found the lab skim inners didn't pay - examiners didn't involve the lab. >>> a training memo meant to help police officers, and in the memo officers were told to ask if there was anything unusual about the suspect, for example, did they have large lips? the chief has apologized and the example on the document has been changed to facial scar o
. >>> and toyota is recalling thousands of suvs to update stability software after concerns it could roll over in sharp turns. now back to "mcveigh tapes." >>> it's just 24 hours after the bombing of the murrah building, and timothy mcveigh is sitting quietly in a perry, oklahoma, jail cell. he's not being held in connection with the vicious act that killed 168 people just the day before, but rather for misdemeanor charges. an international manhunt is issued for two affects, john doe number 1, and john doe number 2. several witnesses claim to have seen a second man in the ryder truck prior to the bombing. as this is happens, mcveigh is biding his time, waiting to see how long it will take for authorities to figure out who he really is. >> while mcveigh's in prison in this little relative ocean of solitude, you know, just waiting for something to happen, the rest of the country is just uptight, in knots, wondering, is there going to be another attack? people are wondering, is this somebody from the middle east? who could do this? >> fbi agents comb the debris for clues to who could have been be
and why the fbi is getting involved. plus, new troubles for toyota. the first time in nine years the "consumer reports" has issued a don't buy it warning for an s.u.v. it has nothing to do with the recalls.  >>> a pressure cooker of sorts for the american idol finalists. >> with nine contestants left the judges are out of saves and two will be voted off this week. >> one of these nine faces will be the next "american idol." >> reporter: double the pressure for idol surviving nine. after big mike got saved by the judges, two contestants will be sent home this week. >> we will do the best we can individually every week. whoever america votes for or doesn't vote for will decide. it's all good. >> everybody will go great and get on the songs, prepare hard and be ready. >> reporter: right now crystal is considered a front runner by the judges. she knows there is a lot of road ahead of her. >> nothing is sure in this kind of show. anything can happen. there are a lot of really talented people here. there is no front-runner in this kind of thing. from week to week
effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >>> toyota is recalling sienna minivans to address corrosion the spare tire carrier cable. it is for 1998 through 2010 model years driven in cold area climates. the automaker sighs corrosion from road salt could cause the tire to separate from the vehicle and cause a hazard on the road for others. >>> derek is introducing us to a guy who really brought a vision to life. >> 20 years ago a retired dc cop armed with little more than bad memories of the streets had a vision for something better. back then the fishing school was a few students in a room that used to be a crack house. in tonight's hero central report see how one man's vision has opened the eyes of thousands. >> chances are this 11-year-old would not have been confident about his mull my case tables eight months ago before the fishing school performed an upgrade on his after school hang time. >> we provide academic focus, instruction in math, reading and work with them in the sciences. >> reporter: fishing school executive director leo gibbs. >> tu
. i'm 19. and this is my ride. ♪ i drive a 1997 toyota rav4. my parents -- >> that's video from mtv's "pimp my ride." again, jon baird, reporter knx news radio. he worked on some major shows but in the last couple of years, do you know what he's been doing recently? >> no, actually, i don't. but he has been associated with a lot of reality shows. and of course he's most famous for being on cbs "survivor." he was a producer on "survivor." we talked to, we had an interview this morning. anyway, we aired an interview with someone who was a contestant on "survivor: amazon." i believe it was back in 2004. can't believe this. says he would never do anything like this. he's totally shocked. but that's his background. and "survivor" of course is what everyone knows him for. >> exactly. mime brooks, hln law enforcement analyst. you know, people heard yelling. apparently there was someone from the resort who said he saw him try to hit her. all of that is really important. hopefully it's on surveillance tape, correct? >> well, i have been there, pat. i've actually stayed at that resort. and it
". another recall for toyota tonight. the issue with their seanna minivan. >> infants and toys. how jender could make a difference at a young age. for these stories and more, join us tonight at 11:00. xÑ >>well, few clouds around tomorrow. cooler. 61 degrees for a high. gradual clearing later in the day. we will see sunshine. and then sunday, only a high of 58 degrees. couple of degrees below normal. then monday, tuesday, wednesday we are dry. and temperatures gradually warm up to 66 on wednesday. and then thursday and friday getting close to the 70-degree mark. but then a chance for rain showers, and maybe a thunderstorm both thursday or friday. all and all not too bad as the weekend will dry out and cool down. that's forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you jes. >> can the orioles finally get a win? they are playing right now in oakland. >> and losing. >> i am trying to be positive here. >> kristen berset joins us with an update in "sports unlimited". kristen? >> hi kristen. >> all trying to stay positive. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". the orioles trying to breakout of their
lexus suv, you'll have one less model to choose from. toyota has suspended sales of the 2010 lexus gx-460. the carmaker made the move after consumer reports warned shoppers not to buy the vehicle due to a potential rollover problem. about 6,000 new gx-460s have been sold since they hit show room floors in december. government officials are testing the suv to see if their results happen to reflect the magazine's findings. >>> the anti-tax group calling itself the tea party express is turning up the volume as the income tax filing deadline approaches. several thousand people attended a rally at the boston common. they claim credit for helping to elect scott brown to congress. the former alaskan governor sarah palin was the headliner. >> it's not about titles or power struggles within. it's not about dividing america. and it is not about one individual politician. this is about the people. this is the people's movement. so the people in boston and all across the u.s., we're sending a message to washington that come november that big government, big debt, obama/pelosi/reid spending spree,
bailouts for big banks. >>> and the associated press reports toyota will recall 6,000 of its lexus gx 460 models. an official says the recall concerns potential problems with the vehicle rolling over. the 2010 model went on sale last december. "consumer reports" issued a don't buy warning on the lexus suv just last week. >>> and the shuttle "discovery" said good-bye to the international space station today but the crew will have to wait another day to get back to earth. the weather at kennedy space center did not clear up in time for the planned shuttle landing this morning. they'll try again tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. eastern. >>> and today marks the remembrance of one of the darkest days in american history t's been 15 years since the oklahoma city bombing. the 168 victims were remembered today with 168 seconds of silence. homeland security secretary janet napolitano was at the memorial. tonight rachel maddow hosts "the mcveigh tapes, confessions of an american terrorist" at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. you don't want to miss it. >>> now to politics locked and loaded with two separ
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